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Featured Program: UC Riverside Extension, Global Business Management Program:

The Global Business Management Program (GBM) at UC Riverside Extension is an intensive program designed to fulfill the needs of international professionals who can' t attend a traditional MBA program, yet need a comprehensive management training program that focuses on global business. The program is structured within five 2-week modules. The modules are:
Module 1:        Global Human Resources Management
Module 2:       Global Marketing Management
Module 3:       Multinational Financial Management
Module 4:       Managing Change and Technology
Module 5:       Strategic Management

Modules may be taken separately, or together as package. During the course of the program, participants learn about the latest management practices and strategies in a global business environment, and discuss business problems and solutions from their part of the world. They can also familiarize themselves with American business practices by attending scheduled visits to Southern California corporations and examining case studies.
Upon successful completion of the GBM program, international students can take advantage of our 10-week internship program, which has directly led some of our students to exciting and lucrative international careers. Participants may choose to intern in the Riverside area or New York City .

Academic institutions from other countries recognize UCR Extension> '> s GBM program as an elective credit toward their own academic business programs at home, and overseas business are sending employees to take advantage of the affordable quality education that the GBM program provides.

Since its inception, GBM has served 707 students from 58 countries. Business contacts are made within the classroom and international careers are often borne there.


Featured Program: UCLA Extension

As one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive providers of continuing education, UCLA Extension has served organizations around the world for over a quarter century. We draw on our resources as part of a world-renowned university to offer expert consultation and develop custom educational programs delivered by instructors who are experts in their fields.

With more than 100 certificate programs in over 20 fields, UCLA Extension is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of your organization.

Entertainment Studies. Located in the capital of the global entertainment industry, we present courses taught by professionals in Film, Television, Music, Interactive Media, and the Internet.

International Business. Whether you have clients abroad or a site on the Web, UCLA Extension can help your staff understand various business cultures, foreign languages, and more.

Computers and Information Systems. We help organizations keep up with new technology in information systems and management, programming languages, database technology and programming, operating systems, Web technology and multimedia, e-commerce, and more.

Business and Management. UCLA Extension combines expertise in accounting and finance with high-tech capabilities, entrepreneurial thinking, and global perspectives. We offer instruction in advertising and human resources, health care and hospitality management.

Leadership and Supervision. UCLA Extension offers Custom Programs that are ideal for first-time supervisors or experienced executives. We teach supervisory skills, leadership, management, project management, and systems engineering management.

Technical Management. We offer customized short courses in aerospace systems, biomedical engineering, information systems, communications engineering, electrical and optical engineering, materials and structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and technical management

English as a Second Language. UCLA Extension provides instruction in conversational, business, and academic English and can develop custom programs based on an organization's needs.

See what UCLA Extension can do for your organization. Call (310) 825-7641 or e-mail customprograms@uclaextension.edu

Southern California is the leader in international executive education. With so many options, finding the right program to meet your specific education & training needs can be challenging. ETEC can help you save time and expense by introducing you to the right contacts.