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DC Event Lighting and Sound is a full-service provider for lighting, staging and sound solutions to the special event industry catering to the greater Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland areas.

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Planning a corporate event? Our rental department has what you need to flawlessly execute your next corporate resentation, product launch and more. Inquire with DCELS about rojector rentals, pipe and base, uplighting, branded corporate gobo, and more.

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Types of DJ lighting

It is generally considered that there are four types of DJ lighting.

Party lights

In the DJ equipment industry, any party disco light that is designed and sold for home use is considered aparty DJ light or a party disco light.

Retro lights

In the early days of disco, the main types of disco light were colorful rotating balls. They looked very much like a mirrorball with multi-coloured par 16 lamps in them.


With the technology of halogen lampss improving, the 80s and early 90s saw a new breed of DJ light starting to evolve. This was a projection-style DJ light that used a halogen lamp and a mirror to reflect the light. A halogen lamp shines onto a mirror via a filter gel sheet to create the color and sometimes via a gobo wheelto create shapes. In some DJ lighting effects a coloured mirror is used to avoid using color/filter gel.

Most modern projector DJ lights now use LEDs instead of halogen lamps.


Lasers are a relatively new type of DJ light. They use a laser diode and an array of mirrors to project multiple colours and beams of light.